Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Holy Toledo (well, maybe I-80)

I did it!
I began knitting again.

Sunday while driving to visit the 'rents, I picked up the light blue yarn and started the skirt to match the little fake denim jacket.
Arianna will be 1 in July, and this was always meant for her to wear this fall/winter/next spring, so it must be done. To top it off, Larry, Noel & the baby will be up here Saturday, so if I can have it finished, they can take it with them.

The bottom of the skirt was made with a short slit in back. No, it was not the pattern. I just found that the 3.75 circ I had with me was way too long to join such a small garment, so I knit flat, then when I switched to 4.0, I had the short circ, and that is where the skirt moved into 'in-the-round. I think it will be cuter this way.

While I was at the 'rents, I used a sewing machine on the second arm-hole. Boy, let me tell you it was a hugh improvement over the handsewn/cut first arm-hole. Like night and day. So for anyone contemplating Norwegian knitting with the cut arm-holes, never, let me repeat NEVER handsew before cutting. Machine zig-zag only!
I'll try to take some pictures before I set in the sleeves.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Well, I DID find the second R2D2 mailbox in Jehigh Valley Mall (Whitehall PA), although it is at the BACK entrance!

Total fluke that I found the darned thing.

Still no knitting, although I DID hold a UFO that I would like to have done by the beginning of July... the 'denim' jacket and skirt...I really just have to make the skirt, embroider the orangy top-stitching, put on the buttons and insert the sleeves. Good thing I started it as a size 2T....Arianna will be 1 this July, so hopefully it will fit her over the winter/spring.
I actually began to look at the Dale of Norway zip pullover pattern for Jimmy.....I do not have all the wool for it yet, and I have not earned enough from my spying to be able to buy any yet. But at least it is not a thought in my head!
For a catch-up....
The twins have flown up to Cadette in Girl Scouts, have their Bronze Awards (and finally go their hands on the 1920 Handbooks I was able to find for the troop to give to the Bronze awardees). A Council wide award ceremony for the Bronze and Religious awards will be in Scranton June 3.
Got Julia a real bow for her Viola...turned out to be one size smaller than she is using, PLUS her teachers would like her to take a stab at moving up to a 'full-size' 15" over the summer, so that would need a bow TWO sizes larger. Oh well, the best laid plans and all that.
Jimmy had a go at taking on his supervisor's job for a couple of weeks and showed his stuff to the owners of the business...let's see if that gets him 'financial renumeration' or a promotion. He was re-elected to VP of his fire-department too.
I am spying around the region, donating plasma for the Tetanus immune globulin, waiting to see if I can get into the Rabies program (more $), Girl Scouting to some extent.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Yes, I found it...the R2D2 USPS mail box in Scranton, PA

I think tomorrow I will look for the one in Whitehall, PA... I think it is in or near the Lehigh Valley Mall, which I just happen to have scheduled some jobs around.

What else is going on?

I intended to finally get back to work on my knitting while the girls were busy at a Junior Bridging event, but after we left the house, I realized I forgot to pack the knitting bag. Four hours of having to make small talk with other GS moms and leaders.

Did I mention that the kids finished up their Junior Bronze Award work? Delivered bags and stacks of good to the local SPCA last week. I was lucky getting out of there without adopting anything.

News that finally the school board up here will have the school years begin immediately after Labor Day, instead of the week or two before. I guess I will miss having the school year end allowed some time for trips with the kids before the biggest crowds showed up.

Daffodils made it back up this year.
I love the way our 4-legged cockroaches (read DEER) don't touch them at all. I am going to try some other bulbs that are allegedly deer resistant, but I won't take chances...I will prinkle the ground and the sprouts with my own home made concoction of fresh grond garlic and jalapeno pepers. That should keep their snouts out of my business!

Please give me your vote!

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Been WAY too long.
Unfortunately, I just have not been knitting at all.
I THINK about knitting, just have not done anything, even for the 2006 Holidaze season.

Been playing SPY at local stores.
You can actually make some pocket moolah once you get organized. Nothing to plan a household budget on, but it can be fun, and handy change.

Also busy with wrapping up the year with the Junior GS troop. Helped the twins earn their Bat Ohr award (National Jewish Girl Scout award), and now they are finishing up their Junior Bronze Award with a project to collect needed cleaning, enrichment and nourishment supplies for the local SPCA. In two weeks they should be ready to 'fly-up' to Cadette level.

Jimmy is still working hard at his HazMat company. The next two weeks he is covering for his boss, so he will get to show more of his many talents.

Welcome to my old friend Gary...he just started a blog at
Not knitting, but if you are any way interested or connected to EMS, you might like to follow his blog.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Been a LOOOONG time.
For blogging and knitting.

In October I began taking on assignments as an Independent Contractor.
Fun, not easy.
Have to locate assignments through MANY job boards, but I can set up my schedule as I like.
However, it seems to consume much of my time, and I have let many things go for now.
Knitting first.
I should be flogged, I know.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

So, what I ended up doing was pulling out a silver lace sleeveless gown, and try to make myself up as Ginger from Gilligan's Island.
Ah, it was a good try...I just suck at 70's eye-makeup.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

My Desperate Hausfrau

Working on a knitted wig, from the last, which was titled "Desperate Housefrau, basically a Halloween wig, knitted with curlers in it. Ingenious, frankly.
( ).

Had a bit of a hard time using DPNs, as when the curlers get put in, it is all too stiff to manipulate. Even switching to the 16" #10 called for is rough, so I find myself at times putting stitches back and forth from the circular to the DPNs in small areas.

Anyway, here is how it looks to date... I'll never have it ready in time for the GS party this evening.... I was going as a "Blue Tufted Biddy" (a nosy, blue rinsed old noodge). I'll keep plugging away, and in the end I may have to chose between my old Kimono outfit, or drag out my Paramedic uniforms and go like that.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Got almost up to the arm-hole shaping.

Monday, October 16, 2006

My fingers are getting cold!
Instead of shying away from knitting, I should buckle down and do more, that should keep the circulation up, right?

I think this past week, I got a whole two rows done on the wrap baby dress (which BTW, the picture in the last post IS NOT of Arianna, it is the one that is on the pattern for the dress. Sorry if some misunderstood)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Has it really been this long since I blogged?
My bad.

Really bad.

Almost have the second sleeve completed on the baby denim jacket... why it is taking so long to make a size 2T sleeve, I can't even answer. Boredom?
Second sleeve, sock, mitten always seems such a chore. In my head it goes "But I did this already...want something new to do!"

Why it is not getting done is probably more about being on the computer too much.

Instead of finishing that, I began a wrap baby dress that I found on site.
Here is the pattern for the cute picture

I'd give a picture of my version, but I only have the back 1/2 done, and hubby has the digital camera with him this past week.
Guess I could try to use the new cell-phone's camera.

BTW, if you are into tweaking your electronics, here is a great blog that helps out of you have an LG VX8300 cell-phone: