Saturday, May 26, 2007

Well, I DID find the second R2D2 mailbox in Jehigh Valley Mall (Whitehall PA), although it is at the BACK entrance!

Total fluke that I found the darned thing.

Still no knitting, although I DID hold a UFO that I would like to have done by the beginning of July... the 'denim' jacket and skirt...I really just have to make the skirt, embroider the orangy top-stitching, put on the buttons and insert the sleeves. Good thing I started it as a size 2T....Arianna will be 1 this July, so hopefully it will fit her over the winter/spring.
I actually began to look at the Dale of Norway zip pullover pattern for Jimmy.....I do not have all the wool for it yet, and I have not earned enough from my spying to be able to buy any yet. But at least it is not a thought in my head!
For a catch-up....
The twins have flown up to Cadette in Girl Scouts, have their Bronze Awards (and finally go their hands on the 1920 Handbooks I was able to find for the troop to give to the Bronze awardees). A Council wide award ceremony for the Bronze and Religious awards will be in Scranton June 3.
Got Julia a real bow for her Viola...turned out to be one size smaller than she is using, PLUS her teachers would like her to take a stab at moving up to a 'full-size' 15" over the summer, so that would need a bow TWO sizes larger. Oh well, the best laid plans and all that.
Jimmy had a go at taking on his supervisor's job for a couple of weeks and showed his stuff to the owners of the business...let's see if that gets him 'financial renumeration' or a promotion. He was re-elected to VP of his fire-department too.
I am spying around the region, donating plasma for the Tetanus immune globulin, waiting to see if I can get into the Rabies program (more $), Girl Scouting to some extent.

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