Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Holy Toledo (well, maybe I-80)

I did it!
I began knitting again.

Sunday while driving to visit the 'rents, I picked up the light blue yarn and started the skirt to match the little fake denim jacket.
Arianna will be 1 in July, and this was always meant for her to wear this fall/winter/next spring, so it must be done. To top it off, Larry, Noel & the baby will be up here Saturday, so if I can have it finished, they can take it with them.

The bottom of the skirt was made with a short slit in back. No, it was not the pattern. I just found that the 3.75 circ I had with me was way too long to join such a small garment, so I knit flat, then when I switched to 4.0, I had the short circ, and that is where the skirt moved into 'in-the-round. I think it will be cuter this way.

While I was at the 'rents, I used a sewing machine on the second arm-hole. Boy, let me tell you it was a hugh improvement over the handsewn/cut first arm-hole. Like night and day. So for anyone contemplating Norwegian knitting with the cut arm-holes, never, let me repeat NEVER handsew before cutting. Machine zig-zag only!
I'll try to take some pictures before I set in the sleeves.


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