Sunday, April 29, 2007

Yes, I found it...the R2D2 USPS mail box in Scranton, PA

I think tomorrow I will look for the one in Whitehall, PA... I think it is in or near the Lehigh Valley Mall, which I just happen to have scheduled some jobs around.

What else is going on?

I intended to finally get back to work on my knitting while the girls were busy at a Junior Bridging event, but after we left the house, I realized I forgot to pack the knitting bag. Four hours of having to make small talk with other GS moms and leaders.

Did I mention that the kids finished up their Junior Bronze Award work? Delivered bags and stacks of good to the local SPCA last week. I was lucky getting out of there without adopting anything.

News that finally the school board up here will have the school years begin immediately after Labor Day, instead of the week or two before. I guess I will miss having the school year end allowed some time for trips with the kids before the biggest crowds showed up.

Daffodils made it back up this year.
I love the way our 4-legged cockroaches (read DEER) don't touch them at all. I am going to try some other bulbs that are allegedly deer resistant, but I won't take chances...I will prinkle the ground and the sprouts with my own home made concoction of fresh grond garlic and jalapeno pepers. That should keep their snouts out of my business!

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