Wednesday, November 01, 2006

My Desperate Hausfrau

Working on a knitted wig, from the last, which was titled "Desperate Housefrau, basically a Halloween wig, knitted with curlers in it. Ingenious, frankly.
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Had a bit of a hard time using DPNs, as when the curlers get put in, it is all too stiff to manipulate. Even switching to the 16" #10 called for is rough, so I find myself at times putting stitches back and forth from the circular to the DPNs in small areas.

Anyway, here is how it looks to date... I'll never have it ready in time for the GS party this evening.... I was going as a "Blue Tufted Biddy" (a nosy, blue rinsed old noodge). I'll keep plugging away, and in the end I may have to chose between my old Kimono outfit, or drag out my Paramedic uniforms and go like that.

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