Friday, September 01, 2006

You'd think with the kids at school, I would have done massive amounts of knitting, but alas no, just began the first sleeve of the denim jacket.

Against all I wanted to accomplish, I now have a pile of UFOs waiting for finishing touches. I mean stupid stuff, like Icord or crochet laces for booties, cut steeks and sew in sleeves. Let me see if I can at least get the laces done, so I can drop off the pink sweater/booties set when we p/u James tomorrow. Larry should be out of USAF in a few days (cross all your fingers!), and he, Noel and Ariana are due to move to New Windsor early October, so she will need knitted goods. Especially since neither will have a job/income, they will need whatever the family can help them with.

I caved, and ordered some closeout striped sock-yarn from KnitPicks... make the free Baby pullover with it, and if leftover yarn, socks to match. Figured the Autum colorway is good for boy or girl, so this will definitely be aimed as a pass-around-the-family item.

What I am thrilled to have accomplished is that I got the parts for an External HD, and FINALLY have a FULL backup of my computer put away. And this is SO MUCH FASTER than CDs or DVDs, and probably cheaper than tape backups.

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