Sunday, August 27, 2006

Must dig out the camera....

Have the body of the little 'denim' jacket done. Button bands on, and I knitted on the collar and the pocket flaps directly. Cannot decide if I am lazy, or smart as heck for inventing/unventing ways to NOT have to sew/weave/graft parts on at the end.
I will of course have to play with cutting the steeks and sewing in the sleeves (or do I? Can I cut the steeks, and find a way to make the shaped sleeve cap using shortrows top down and from picked up stitches at the steek? I am sure somewhere I heard of finishing the cut edge with I cord.....)

Been more busy this week working on updating my financial things... I even found two things I never changed my name on, and tomorrow is my 5th anniversary!
But I do so like having upgraded my Microsoft Money software... much easier to keep track of more of my financial doings (like I have so much, HA!)

School starts tomorrow!!!!!
Amazingly, the school assigned both twins to the same Homeroom teacher, and schedule. First time for us. I am psyched that they will both be doing the same homework every night, which should lower the intensity of having each whining at the same time for help with their very different homework. And scheduling parent teacher conferences will be a snap, no more fighting that I went as chaperone on one kid's class trip but not the other's... oh, this will be an interesting year!
Also, this year I can access much of their records on-line, and they both know it, so there will be no hiding tests or anything!

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