Monday, August 21, 2006

Getting back into the Groove

So, I am not the greatest lecturer... but the Junior GS got the idea, and helped hand full a sample piece I brought along. At the end, I cut it up into teeny pieces, gave one to each so they could see how it did not shred apart (strength), and that even while drying, it was not COLD the way other fabrics would be.
I think I should write up a better proposal for use in future programs, so that anyone, even a non-knitter could easily demonstrate the skill and illustrate to the kids why a fulling machine was invented, and why it would save so much time.

Seems I have been designated the "Master Chemist". Somehow I ended up working with Lye and Nitrogen and then the dyes so that all the GS (Brownies/Juniors/adult Counsellors & Program Aides) in the camp could make spiral Tie-Dyed shirts. At least they ALL came out the way they should! The one I made was designated for hubby, but somehow ended up on the back of my 16 YO step-son. At least it was liked enough to be worn (and in a turn of fate, he wore it to Woodstock, NY.... where else is more appropriate than that town for tie-dyed shirts???????!!!)

I did bring along the Bernat faux-denim jacket I was working on... KIPPING around kids is a great way to bring the loners in... those that were not participating with the group seemed drawn to come over, touch, ask questions. And even had the side effect of a girl, and one of the Program Aides start bringing their knitting in.

So, at this point the body is made (steeking the arm-holes later), 1 and a 1/2 button bands are done. All this while upstate NY in Saugerties and the Hunter Mountain Irish/Scottish Festival this past weekend.

Should I practice the Happy Dance now, or should I wait till the kids are not here to see and get a complex???????

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