Sunday, September 03, 2006

Knitting and meeting new [little] people

So yesterday we were to travel to take out James and his sister Michelle for lunch. With some time to kill, we were going from craft store to craft store to see if any of them had the Bernat book for the denim got it, I forgot it at home and I could not recall to what number you continue to increase, or sleeve length to begin armhole shaping (at least I did ALL the finishing work on the jacket body/collar/button bands/pocket flaps...even hand sewed one steek and CUT IT IN A MOVING CAR with my kid's craft scissors, OY!).... anyway, Jimmy gets a cell call, and the secret was out. Larry is back from the USAF in the United Arab Emirates, and is 'hiding out' for the weekend in Michelle's house WITH Noel and the baby!

Man, I grabbed 10.5 Clovers, and a skein of that LB VelvetChenille, started casting-on in front of the very amused cashier at Michael's, and in the short time while Jimmy food shopped for the full house in Modena, I made a warm baby cap off the ball-band pattern in Lilac. I figured with Earnesto coming through, the temps were suddenly dropping, and being from southern Ohio, they probably only had summer clothes for Arianna with them. Luckily we already had the pink sweater/booties (FINISHED!) with us to leave with Michelle, so we were not empty handed.

Arianna is a very cute little girl, I think she looks more like her mom. Man, what a hugh smile Jimmy had when he held his granddaughter. Somewhere I have to find the cord to download the one cell-phone picture that I took yesterday. If it looks like anything, I will post it here too.

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