Sunday, April 30, 2006


I hate purl stitch.

OK, maybe not HATE, but avoidance has been my mantra.
Circular knitting, besides reducing seaming also tends to severely limit, or eliminate purling.

So why am I working on a baby blanket that is totally based on PURL stitch?

Am I punishing myself, or is this some misguided attempt at balancing the world, or disciplining myself to accept more purling in the future???


In the meantime, the purple striped blanket is done...... the Denim colored "Pound of Love" blanket is on the needles utilizing a Bev Galeskas/Fibertrends baby-blanket pattern based on you-guessed-it, purl stitch.
"Pound of Love" is a CHEAP Lion Brand yarn geared towards use around babies, but it is quite soft to the touch for an acrylic....have to wonder how it will perform in the long-run, both in daily wear-and-tear, and in the wash.

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