Sunday, April 30, 2006

Been on a bit of a book-binge.,, made an attempt on e-bay.

So, what am I ordering?

Mostly the Laurie R. King "Mary Russell/Sherlock Holmes" series.

After reading them through twice, I realized that this was a series I liked enough to re-read, and recommend to others, so they belong in my personal collection.

OK, also the latest of the "Amelia Peabody" Egyptology mystery by Peters

Lucky for me the Amazon books were basically freebies, as I had 'earned' gift certificates from answering various surveys...and despite figuring that the free super-saver shipping would take a week or two, I still had the books in hand in two days!

But the most work went into the last....I found ONE vintage copy of "Knit Your Own Norwegian Sweaters" by Dale of Norway on e-bay.....the price went up too high for my liking, with no idea if it would keep going by the end-of-day, so I turned to and there found my way to ... with one of their sellers offering a copy for almost the same as e-bay was up to... should be in the mail tomorrow.

Mostly hoping that this book will have great background/history as well as teach how to plan one out on my own with perfect attention to te steeks and interior finishing techniques.

I wonder why after doing the Dale cardigan (which, btw, is still awaiting the button-bands!) and tinkering with steeking (but not yet cutting/finishing) other baby gear, I feel the need to consult anywhere????

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