Sunday, April 23, 2006

Making blankets is nowhere near as much satisfaction as the making of sweaters, especially when on-the-fly a pieced pattern is turned into a one-piece garment!

Been a busy weekend with the kids (all of them, including my step-son....wish I could post a movie of him practicing JROTC drill with his dummy rifle...he is AWESOME!)

Not as much knitting happening the last couple of days as I wished (migraine Friday, and also got the very sad news that an old friend succumbed by her own hand to her intense grief over the death of her son.)

Although I did use my _________ coupons to get the Bernat Coordinates stripes in MELON for Ariana....while I like the purple I am currently making, I thought it was time to bring in a really unusual color for the baby. Nice and bright orangy. And I believe I will make her bias blanket in stockinette with garter borders. Should bring out sharper definition to the stripes, as well as giving more variety of textures for the baby to feel (garter borders, stockinette, and reverse stockinette), while also giving bold color for her to see early on.

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