Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Ah, the holiday knitting...
At the BarMitzvah for my nephew, I brought many of the scarves (Gedifra Opera) I had made....they went like hotcakes. Reminded me of a hugh sale at Loehmann's!

So I find myself having to make more, at the same time I picked up a hank of Cascade 220 to remake the beret...but I think that either my friend and her family will get their gifts after Christmas day, or there will be an IOU in her package.

Also have purple Classic Merino/FunFur to make a new hat for my absentminded daughter who lost her stretchy furry hat at the end of last winter, but I did not find out about it until a few weeks ago. For this, I think we will adapt a FiberTrends felt children's hat for her more adult sized head.

Got a bag of catnip, so I will need to make some of the mice soon, also have to make Christmas and Chanukah candies, potato latkes by the ton for calss parties tomorrow, wrap ALL the gifts...and I have had a light migraine since yesterday evening.

Can I hire someone to do all this for me???

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