Friday, December 23, 2005


Been running around all week, but I THINK I now have enough scarves made to satisfy the masses.

Made one FunFur scarf (half black/half white) because the stuff was on sale at AC Moore...I was just getting so tired of only working with the Gedifra Opera for weeks on end.

As for tonight, I FINALLY tried felting small objects by hand. Other than some upper arm/shoulder tiredness, it really worked out great. Obviously no issues with overfelting, as I can keep track of things second by second, spot felt slower spots.

There are currently 5 little mice with their tails hanging down drying a bit (see ), as well as three cone shaped ornaments (see )

Nice to know I can knock off one teeny item without wasting time waiting for many items to throw in the washer for fulling....but I certainly would hesitate doing large items by hand!

P.S. got one mouse made while still drying...put a paper-towel capsule of catnip in the midst of the stuffing, and Perry Cat, who normally does not play with toys was success...I'll have to make 4-5 more of these!

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