Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Felting failure

Didn't work.
I now have a beret that would work on a toddler.

Now to find one to gift it upon!

Sheesh...time to grab that 40% off coupon and grab whatever feltable wool I can find at the local 'big-box' craft store, hope to find a few hours to get it done.

Perhaps it is also time for me to try a different beret pattern, and different yarns.
Both Paton Classic wool, and Plymouth Galway felt well, but perhaps too tightly???
I was a bit unhappy even with finished size of the amethyst beret, and that was very well watched during the fulling.

Wonder how Cascade220 would work???


Beverly said...

I've used the Galway several times. It doesn't felt too tightly, you just have to constantly check to make sure you don't go past your desired stage. This little boo boo can happen with any of the feltable wools and once it starts it happens very quickly. Brown Sheep Nature Spun worsted and Cascade 220 also felt well. Just be sure not to get the superwash 220. They look the same, not sure about the packaging.

jackie said...

One of the BEST wools I found to use was Manos Del Uraguay and some vintage wool I picked up at a local GoodWill type of store.... Good luck!