Friday, July 01, 2005

Seems the inside of the 'shrinky-dink' bag is finally dry, hope to get the straps and pockets sewn on tomorrow...or sometime over the July 4th weekend. With everyone home though, who knows if time will work out.

Went back to the chevron-stitch pullover, have slightly more than 8 inches done. The stitch pattern is automatic now, rather than looking at the written directions. Just the way it should be, makes it instinct to find issues before they become a problem.

Forget the reverse wrap purl....seems annoying and a waste of my time.
I will go back to trying to tension my knits and purls differently, and hope that the agitation of washing and blocking the thing will even out the stitches.
Another good feature of using Encore....machine washable!

On non-knitting fiber/textile news....for the first time, I got Jimmy to buy REAL CLOTHES for himself. Dropped a ton of money, but he has two all-season suits (one came with 2 pr pants), non-iron shirts in deep colors, new silk ties, beautiful dress short, he can look like a mensch when he goes for job interviews, and continue when he [hopefully] gets hired to a more mangerial position.
He has an out-of-town interview within the next two weeks....hoping for the best. I'll not post any details until it is over though. Just better that way.

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