Sunday, July 03, 2005

So far, have done some, but not much knitting this weekend.
I was right, too much going on, everyone home. So the daypack has the drawstring, and front ties done, but all the rest of the pieces are inside, and the back of the sweater is now at 12 inches done. Hard to measure, as the center panel is 3x3 rib, the chevron side panels have more contractility and so the bottom of this, I am sure even after blocking, will not be flat. (Looking closely at the pattern picture, looks to me that this is not 100% blocked out)

At the moment, I have a nice sized hole in my bedroom wall, though, high up.
The perils of having a volly fire-fighter in the home.

We were installing an air-conditioner in the bedroom, when a call came in.
At least I am getting a nice view of the tops of the trees.....just hoping no bird, bat or squirrel comes flying in!

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