Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Shrinky-Dinks for adults

Here ya go.

Post-fulling process (but before I got all the sheep lint out of the machine!)

In this picture, I have the upper edge of the main bag accordion folded, as it will be when the drawstring is put through the eyelets (I put cotton worsted weight yarn through the eyelets....even with that, I think the holes are shut tight. This will be fun.)
Of course, you can't see that with the flap over it.

Humid and hot, so not best weather for having these pieces dry, but I tell ya, when I finish one fulled object, I want to drop any other planned project, and get onto more fulling.
Love it!

Maybe a beret or Kangol style hat to match the bag?
Start holiday gifts?


Leah said...

What a cute title and even more cute finishe object! I would sooooo do the kangol hat style thang' keep knittin!

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