Thursday, April 21, 2005

So tired

Two days ago, was chaperone for my daughters' Third Grade class trip to the Franklin Institute in Philly.
Had to be at school 7:30 a.m.....then 476 was shut down so we had to take back roads, adding an hour to the trip. Props to the school bus drivers, they put up with so much, but really, the kids were good.
Had 5 kids under my wing, one a wanderer, but a good-hearted soul.
The next day I was at school, and he was sick as a dog, on his way to the nurse's office, so I wonder what the rest of us will be coming down with and how soon?

I got MUCH knitting done while on the ride. There was something so comforting about the sway of the bus and the clicking of the needles, feeling the yarn move through my fingers.
And it sure made traffic jams so much easier to tolerate.

Soleil is into the increasing phase now.
Part of me wants to block what I have while on the needles, just to see what I have.
Is that a strange compulsion???

Today will be the first day this week that I am at home and alone.
Will I get knitting done, or pass out?

Oh, got my stamps, and have used them already.
Then yesterday I found a very low-cost stamp at A.C. Moore, "Just for Ewe" with a smiling cartoony sheep below the phrase.
PERFECT for knitting gift-tags!

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