Sunday, April 24, 2005

Moving along on my Soleil camisole top.
Front neck split is in, front and back are separate (love my Clover stitch holders for that), and am almost up to the back neck shaping.I'll need to take some pix, but I still have that yen to have my WIP look PERFECT before it is all blocked up at the end.

And I am worried about making this first 100% cotton object.
I'm hearing stories about objects made out of this material "Grow" even after wash/block.Work it to gauge, then later the thing is hugh anyway.I hope that won't happen here, but I sense a bit off loseness anyway. Or am I imagining things?

Last night was first Seder...Jimmy started the night by being almost an hour late due to two fire calls, and at the end, ran out for a house fire two blocks away. Seems lightning last night was hitting houses for a lark.

DH gave me a dual-trunked hand-held scanner so I will no longer have to sit and wonder what is going on when he is out on a fire-call (as well as satisfies my yen for deeper 911 info after all those years of being an EMS Communications supervisor)...this picks up almost anything and everything....state troopers, Penn DOT, medevacs....I have to play with setting up my own 'bank' of channels so that only what I need will be popping up, but it will make everything from fire-calls, traffic issues to steer away from, and weather alerts be at my beck and call.

Now how many hubbies give their wives scanners as a gift, and know it will be appreciated?

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