Thursday, April 28, 2005

Under, over, through

Ever watch "Lady and the Tramp"?
Remember the spaghetti eating scene?

I felt a bit like that today....
Had to roll a hank of DK cotton into a ball so that I can get back to finishing my Soleil top, only I found it was a tangled mess.

230 meters of a mess.

Somehow, with DH on one end, and me on the other, we got it straightened out in well over an hour.

I remember hearing that some culture or another would make a girl sit with a hopelessly tangled ball of string, and until she had the patience to untagle it completely, demonstrating a plethora of characteristics starting with endless patience, she would not be allowed to marry.

So what does this say that a husband and wife work together on a similar project?

Maybe this should be a part of pre-marital counselling????

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