Sunday, April 17, 2005


Just joined!

Figured that I am having a bitch of a time finding a place that actually stocks the CORRECT Addi Turbo sizes for my frogged New York Jacket *

....that in the meantime, I will use lime/muted neon-green Butterfly Super10 DK mercerized cotton yarn I already have in my stash, and work on this pattern along with many other neat knitters. (the original pattern is at in the Spring 05 edition)

Wondering about working in some short-rows for the bigger busted of us, and am waiting for a reply on that from the author of the pattern, in regard to perhaps use a size smaller for better waist fit, and add short-rowing for cuppage, or just go with the original size (as this is already a zero to negative ease pattern) and add short-rowing, just less of it.

*(what Skacel lists as their official sizes somehow is NOT what most stores are selling, isn't that interesting??? All I want is a 7.0 mm/10.75 US circular needle, which Skacel definitely makes...why are all the stores on-line and off selling only 6.5mm/10.5 US, and 8.0mm/11 US???!!!).....

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