Sunday, September 17, 2006

First sleeve done, second one started, but that is it.... not even quite sure what kept me from knitting.

Probably getting a new LG VX8300 cell-phone.
Just busy playing with all the expanded features, especially trying to load a Gig of songs onto the microSD card I put in it, searching out hacks and backdoors is just too much fun. Helping Jimmy with the same.
We are actually seriously considering flashing the firmware to V02 while waiting to see if Verizon will ever release it or the V03 that is rumored to be coming down the pike from LG. Should improve the sound, ability to work with Bluetooth headphones, etc. Found a great blog right here that spurred much of this research that lead to us to much freeware/shareware that is better than some of the software we had paid for in the past (instead of ever renewing DataPilot, I'll probably stick to BitPim... besides synching contacts/calendars, this can also help make MP3s into clips for ringtones that can be loaded into the phone through USB, can get into the phone's program files and edit to improve or unlock functions.... just good stuff)

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Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Okay, there is VERY LITTLE knitting news in this entry.

Just thought I'd point that out. *wink*