Thursday, March 16, 2006

WOW, way too long since I last blogged.

I finished the body (all but tucking in yarn ends), and have more than 2/3 of the first sleeve done.....but an unfortunate run-in with my back acting up kept me from knitting, or doing much of anything for about a week.
Now both kids are home from school with colds, but I hope to get back to the sleeves today.

Found out Jimmy's step-son (who is in USAF and was recently sent to Kuwait) will be having a little girl in June, so as soon as I get the sleeves done, I need to start some baby things. That plus my friend is having a baby in May, although how much knitting does a baby in southern TX really need?
I do have a UFO baby bunting lying around for years....I should finish that and give it to one of them, although it sure is not baby color, some weird taupe/grey RedHeart worsted with flecks of red/blue/yellow. Guess even in spring/summer, nights can be cool.

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