Saturday, March 04, 2006

Gettin enough sleep before working is important!

I'll post a picture of the Dale sweater, but I have to relate today's adventure.

Last night I was just about finished...all but 3-needle bind-off on the shoulders.
Brought it into class, and everyone ooh'd over it, as no one else was even up to the bottom of the armholes.
Then I realised where I measured to was not the end, rather the row where the back-neck shaping began.
So I worked it...and before I got to the end of the row, I knew something was very wrong.
Realised I skipped two row of instructions on front neck shaping!
But I did give most of the other ladies angina when I laid the sweater on the table, pulled the needle out, and RRRRiiippped away over two inches of work!
Just could not see 'tinking' that much (189 stitches a row!) when there was a perfectly good double-width table in front of me!
So, I am now ALMOST back to the point of the back neck shaping, and the next class was moved to a month away, two extra weeks to get the sleeves done, and for the rest of the women to get a lot more work done.

I brought up my plan to make the St Moritz zip-neck next, and everyone agreed that not only was it a great choice, but that the entire book was a good investment, as it covers from infant to adult.

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