Monday, January 02, 2006

Have to find my cord to download pix from my piccies of my aunt's cats having a ball with the mice.
Not bad action for a 14, and 2- 13 year old kitties.

I made an attempt to stretch the over-felted beret using the 1 part vinegar/2 part hot water technique.
Only semi-successful. Maybe I did not follow all the directions???
Got the opening wide enough, but overall, the hat did not get bigger. I think the major obstacle was not being able to get anything inside it to maintain the stretch during the drying.
BUT, it has found a friend's daughter is a bitty little thing for a 9 year old, and it works on her head, so now, with a braid down her back, and the beret on, she looks oh so European (as she was born in Greece, she loved to hear that!)
Her mom will be getting a new one made from the Cascade 220 I picked up a couple of weeks ago, hopefully I will get to that before the end of the week.

Tomorrow while the kids are in Hebrew School after regular school, I will get over to Mountain Knits and Pearls to find out more about the Fair-Isle classes in Feb/March. More as in, how can I possibly afford to do this?
The classes themselves are $ the pattern (Dale of Norway, figure $15 for the book), then the yarn....if I go with Dale, probably $100....if I go with something from Knit-Picks, maybe $40.
Why is this craft so darned expensive??

I REALLY want to do this class....just $ is so tight...not easy to live off of hubby's 50% pension.
In fact, currently impossible.
He needs a job to come through, and I probably have to find something part-time if I am to indulge in classes...or even getting hair-cuts!

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