Saturday, January 07, 2006

Good news.
Somehow, I will be going to the Norwegian sweater class. Have pattern and yarn put aside.
WOW, first time at cutting INTO knitting.
Construction of putting in sleeves and neck-line is a bit different too.
Good to have new techniques in the arsenal.

Been working a bit on the Chevron stitch pullover. Almost at the point to divide for the front placket (this is a Johnny color type collar). I decided not to wrack my brains to work out short-rowing for the bust, as this is a loose fit top. Hope I don't regret that decision later on.

I think I may try a new sport.
Sport shop in town has an indoor archery range, and they will allow me to use one of their bows until we figure out if archery and my long standing back injuries will mix. During school hours they tend to not be busy, which is perfect for me.
Not looking to be on the Olympic archery team, but I would like to become accurate to within a couple of inches at least.
At least this I might be able to go out into the woods behind the house to practice...can't do that with firearms, and once you have the arrows, if you take care of them, the consumables are a lot cheaper and more environmentally friendly than ammunition.

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