Friday, September 09, 2005

Slowly but surely....
The weather is no longer sticky, so yarn does not get caught on my hands.
But with Katrina, Jimmy home (but waiting for the phone-call to be sent down South for HazMat cleanup), etc, it's time to relearn to find the time to work the knitting in to life.

Was going gangbusters at it while getting my hair done at the salon, up to the point I found I was missing a stitch.


Time to frog a bit, see if I can find where it went missing.

On the computer front, I lost one case fan (bearings are shot), and maybe the secondary HDD that resided near it is totaled (still being determined), and I can tell that the TMD fan on my CPE is going to go soon...never a good thing to lose the cooling on an Athlon of any stripe.

Local place may have this special type fan which has teeny magnets in each corner of the fan-casing...the thing runs at such a low dB level it is amazing.
I'll also be adding HDD coolers to both the Athlon machines in the house, got what amounted to a 2-4-1 sale on a CoolerMaster Bay controller case.

Really should start saving for an UPS.....

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