Monday, May 02, 2005

Finished Soleil yesterday.
It needs blocking and photographing.
Possibly I should have tried adding short-rows, but time will tell.

What bothers me is that I see pix of others in progress at Soleil-A-Long, and they appear so neat, and mine has semi-curled lace edge, irregular stitches....what is wrong with my knitting???? It's not like I am brand new to this art...just seems I have more wrong than right lately (or are my eyes more wide-opened from learning more?)
Did these people all steam iron their partial work so that they would appear close to perfect in the pix?

So, I started my amethyst Divine Lacy Cardigan...hope to work fast so I am past it before the hot summer gets here...nothing like working with bulky mohair-y yarn on oversized pieces by the pool!

We need to be in Queens, NY tomorrow, so I will TRY to con[vince] DH that we should stop by Smileys Yarns :-). Perhaps they have a 7.00mm needle?
And some Eucalan?
Also, I would love to find a soft feeling DH yarn (1700-1800 yards!) to make the free Zara pullover posted at Elann...I WISH I could afford Zara, but I just cannot.

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