Thursday, May 05, 2005

FDNY nuttiness..should I be surprized?

Never did make it over to Smiley's...crazy FDNY had us going all over creation because they moved offices and did not update the paperwork to reflect the new addresses.
But it was so nice to see many of my old friends.
The way I ended my career, medical, I really never got a chance to say my goodbyes four years ago.
Oh, I saw some folks the next year at the National EMS Memorial Service down in Roanoke, VA, but that was too crazy.
This way, while we went around the academy, Medical Supply, Medical Equipment, Quartermaster, I too got to see many old friends and partners.
Even got to see my MIL's new office.

Well, we will have to make a return trip next week to get the last signatures up at HQ, then turn in shield/ID/paperwork at Operations.
How liberating will that be to interact with the chiefs and have no fear of stepping on their toes?

Well, I did get many many inches done of the amethyst duster/long cardigan while travelling.
And today I finally finished the back panel (they wanted 40" before the armhole shaping, but I am short, went for 36" instead....don't want a gown schlepping on the dirty ground).
Started the left front panel.
But as the day goes on (and my fever went up), the mohair was sticking to my hands a bit.
MUST GET THIS DONE BEFORE IT REALLY GETS HOT, or I may have to break my resolution, and put this aside till fall while I work on other projects, and I really, really do not want to do that.

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