Monday, April 11, 2005

Impressed by a new knitter

Yesterday was the A.C.Moore yarn Festival here in the Poconos.
There were a few other invited knitters and crocheters, and we were stationed in three areas of the store.
Turnout was lighter than I had figured it to be, but it was fun.

At the stroke of 12, a man sat himself down across from me, pulled out a bag with Clover bamboo needles, and told me that he learned to knit two days ago, and can I help him out with his second project. Out of the bag came a nicely done cotton dishrag in Garter Stitch. Perfectly square. Frankly one of the best first FOs I have ever seen. Next came out his Vogue Knitting reference book, and we discussed other stitches he could try, the mechanics of forming a good Purl stitch (oh, I see I need to get Sally's books!), different needles to try, and he then proceded to cast on and make a few inches of a matching dishtowel, as he mused on making a rug next.
Oh, a knitting monster is born!

While there, I knocked out a swatch of the Paton's Divine "New York Jacket" pattern, in the Floral Fantasy/Orangina is now hanging in the store as their sample, and I used my one day discount to purchase the yarn to make this jacket for myself! Just have to figure out how much short-rowing I will need to do, and on what base size, to accomodate my umm, bazooms and hourglass figure.
And will I be wearing this over a shell, or as a top all on it's own (need to know for ease)

The other knitter with me does some beautiful colorwork, and tells me she is proficient with knitting machines. She invited me to attend her knitting guild about 1/2 hour from here, and I think I will. Time to come out of being a lone-knitter all my life, time to be surrounded by others who can teach me new techniques, and help me improve, as I might be able to mentor some too.
But never be stagnant, always learn and improve.

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