Friday, April 08, 2005

Sun, no floods.

I've been asked to assist with the A.C. Moore Yarn Festival on Sunday. I have no idea exactly what this might entail, but I'm game.
Could be giving advice, or helping new knitters and crocheters.
A bit nervous about bringing any of my tools, don't want them walking off, as well as none of them are sold at the big-box stores so they would not be much of a come-on to get any new customers, would it? (Can I help that I LOVE Brittany birch and Addi Turbos?)

My step-son comes for a visit tonight....two weeks ago I finally got to give him his fulled Llama. He LOVED it, I even got a hug and kiss.
This from a 15 year old?
Maybe as a joke I should make him a whole family of Llamas.

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