Sunday, March 06, 2005

Came across a new thing in knitting...


Bernat "Fur Out" is being recalled in both Canada and the USA due to extreme flammability.
see for more info.

Shocking part of this whole thing to me is that I have two skeins sitting here, waiting their turn to be used, as cuffs and hood trim for the twins new jackets.
I am SO THANKFUL that I found this out, stricktly by chance, before I put the kids in danger.

Just waiting to find out more about how to return this stuff.

I was in the local A.C. Moore Fur Out to be seen anywhere, but also, not a single sign about the recall, and none of the Sunday staff had heard anything about it.

Anyway, please, please pass the word around to anyone you know that knits or may be saving someone from a horrible burn injury.

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