Sunday, February 27, 2005

TADA, a hoodie

This sweater was done entirely in the side seams, no sewn shoulder seams (three needle cast-off) and the sleeves were picked up at the armholes and worked down. Only the hood needed a few stitches at the front neck where the edging crosses over itself.
There is some room in the body...I think by next fall I will need to add some length to the sleeves...which doing these from the shoulder down will make SO EASY to do. Just frog the ribbing, and go.
I like this technique.
All patterns should be written this way....I will make it my goal in life to convert as many patterns to in-the-round as possible.

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NYPDJew said...

Interesting blog!! Thanks for you comment on my blog. I had to surf through my archive to find out what you commented on. I got the email of your comment. I back tracked it to the crunchy water post. It was interesting looking at all my old posts. So I thank you for that. Well hope to see more comments of your in the future.