Friday, June 02, 2006

Weather woes

It's been almost unseasonably hot.
90, humid.
Between feeling washed out and drained, the darned Homespun sticks to my hands!

I am tired of baby blankets. When I finish the lilac, I don't know if I can face making the melon/white stripped yet.
Have to get to the post office and mail off all the baby gifts (as well as my hard-drive cooler, which stopped cooling just at the temperatures spiked, OY!)

One good thing....
Last week hubby's SUV died. While he personally rebuilt the transmission two years ago (his first try!), this time the job just was not worth it. The truck is a '92. So thanks to the generosity of my MIL, we picked up a '98 Explorer XLT.
Now I am not stuck at home [because he needed my SUV to get to work and fire calls]...especially good in that school ends on the 9th, they don't go back 'till Aug 28. Could you imagine being stuck on top of a mountain for 2.5 months with two whiney kids????


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Nope, can't imagine that at ALL. Don't even want to TRY.

But I think it's funny that Spike goes back to school on the same day next fall! (which is not only a big day for you but is his birthday as well)

Metalchick said...

Looks like I finally found another Metal fan whose blog is still active.

I've been on the blogs of Who fans, which are constantly active. I'll come back here again because your blog looks interesting. Feel free to drop by my blog.