Monday, June 19, 2006

Ah, the A/C in Jimmy's car is fine.
Fine enough that I was able to finish the Homespun bias baby blanket even though temps outside hit over 100 degrees in spots during the drive to Brooklyn.

Brooklyn was relatively quiet....guess the 'bungalow colony crowd' was all upstate NY.

Got to visit a few minutes with Tanta Sarah... first weekend alone in her apt after weeks in ICU and then staying with my parents. She looks pretty damn good for someone who could have 'left us' just a month, month and a half (and $186,000+ insurance dollars) ago.

Kids start Summer Academy today.
Every M-F for 5 weeks, 8A-12P. They don't see it as punishment, or as some kind of label on them, they truly enjoy school, and this will help them retain what they learned through the 4th grade, and even get a leg-up on math/literature for 5th grade.

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