Sunday, May 07, 2006

Knit Your Own Norwegian Sweater

Dale book arrived.
WOW, is it dated.
The models all have blistering blue eye-shadow, heavily lined 60s/70's eyes.

The designs are quite different than today's Dale of Norway or GarnStudio patterns.
Actually less involved, but most of the sweaters have straight across neck-lines, and those that do have deeper, or V-necks, are not made with steeks exactly, but are simply knit all the way to a straight across bind off, and the shape of the neckline sewn and cut.

In the meantime, this weekend has been relatively knit-less.
I really need to get back to it, my friend is due this week, and I am LESS than half-way done on the denim-blue blanket.

I do note, on the all purl rows, I get into a groove, and do not mind it.
But on the mixed rows, it is the switching from knit to purl that annoys me.

At least this pattern, does not seem to be showing a discrepancy where the switches are, in terms of a wider stitch.

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