Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Trying to get myself back on track, so I put aside the striped blanket, to finish the sleeve for the snowflake sweater. I'll work the blanket for the rest of the day (my goal, as this is just a two skein blanket, is to finish the first skein), then before I do any more, is to knit the second sleeve onto the 5-hour sweater, and put ALL the buttons on the finished sweaters, the ribbon into the pink booties (and sew them in at the back seam, so that no one has to fish the ribbon out of the baby's hand, or have to rethread the whole thing through the eyelets)
THEN I will go back to the striped blanket, then a blanket for TX, who may have the baby in two weeks!

Is it time to take a breath yet???

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