Saturday, February 25, 2006

Dale Inverness cardigan

Here is the pattern book picture.

I really should dig out the camera to record my personal progress.

In any case, at least 11 inches are done of the (Sisik) cardigan. The first couple of bars with color-work in it has some minor bubbling that hopefully can be corrected with blocking. Still need work on my float lengths. Not even between the right hand (English), and left (Continental).
As this is being done in a 3-4 session class (which basically means a time-frame), I just don't feel that there is time to go back so much to get everything perfect-perfect.

I have become concious of deliberately sliding my work on the rightneedle every couple of stitches, instead of letting it bunch up as I usually do. This is to help keep the color-work a bit looser on the Continental and English formed stitches (and floats) more equal even if it is after the stitch is worked. I figure that the needle should be more the measure of the stitch, rather than my tension. There is no bubbling on the last bar of the pattern, so it seems to be working, and the stitch gauge seems to be the same as my one-color work.

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