Sunday, January 22, 2006


The front of the Chevron sweater was too unwieldy to take out of the house, so I began one sleeve. At least at the start, it is much smaller than an entire front, with split front.

But this seems to have brought out my 'problem' even more.

The longer I am knitting, the MORE prominent the issue with disparity between my knit and purl stitches is, no matter how conciously I am trying to tighten up.

Most of what I have been making the last few years has been heavily knit stitch, because I try to do as much as possible 'in-the-round', so I guess I had not paid much attention to the disparity. Could it be because of repeated bouts of tendonitis?

Because all three stitch patterns are based on K3P3, the frequency of switching is showing a real loosness on the left-hand stitch of the knit column in the ribbing (ladder?), and an almost lace effect in the diagonal patterns.

At the start of this sweater, had made a decision to just consider this a 'texture effect', but I am becoming more unsatisfied with whatever in my technique is causing well as having it shoved in my face that over a large item, this is using up more yarn than I would like.
As well as looking so amateurish.

The next project will again be 'in-the-round' and all knit, so between now and the finish, I need to find a source, either Internet, or preferably a live person, who can help evaluate and correct this.

And in Live Person, it must be someone who can respect Continental knitting.

I have tried the twisting/untwisting technique...which did not seem to help at all. I thought I heard about a "Combined" method....must look into that.

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