Saturday, December 31, 2005

2006 kniting Resolution

For me personally, 2005 was the first time I made a New Year's resolution, and I actually stuck it out until recently.
My only resolution was to not start a knitting project until the last one was completed...I am the type to have 5 UFOs.
When it came time to make many, many scarves, hats, and sundry small items for holiday gifts, I did find I was going back and forth between 2-3 things, although I did finish them all, so not too bad a slip.

For 2006, I intend to improve on knitting two colors with two hands at the same time (just learned that three weeks ago) and to take the next step by making an intricate Dale of Norway style ski-sweater with STEEKS.
Cutting into knitting will take a great leap of faith, but many knitters have done it, and all have survived the experience.
If possible, I won't do it alone, but with Joanne D's class at Mountain Knits and Pearls. Just a bit expensive, but there will be defined dates that parts need to be done by, and others to hold hands with, so this should get me moving it along.

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