Friday, September 23, 2005

Trying something new…blogging through MSWord

Anyway…carpal tunnel is not all the way under control, so only ½ to one row a day is happening…probably better to not do ½ rows anyway. That can get noticeable if stitching from day-to-day changes much.

Last week Jimmy was sent down to NOLA (New Orleans, LA) for HazMat recovery from Katrina, but now with Rita in the picture, he and his crew are in central Alabama (where there are Tornado watches all weekend!), waiting to see how things shake out.
If flooding is restricted to one area, then MAYBE they will go back to NOLA…but if it is more extensive, there will probably be a delay until they can go back, in which case he may come home.

[edit- color formatting did not transfer from WORD to Blogger, so I doubt I will use the Blog through WORD feature much after all....must have my Purple as often as possible]

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