Monday, June 20, 2005

I did begin the Chevron pullover last week.
Coming across an issue that seems to be rearing its head more over the fact, 20 years ago I do not recall having this problem at all.
In switching [during a row] from knit to purl, such as in vertical stripes, or cabling, my last knit before the purl is noticably wide. I suspect this is actually from using the Continental purl (being fractionally longer segment of yarn, from what I read), so I tried the Combined method, with wrapping the purl opposite.
To some extent it helps, but not totally. And it is annoying me, as on the chevron parts, some twisted stitches, some straight stitches, so besides the pattern, I need to pay attention to the row below and work work some normally, some to untwist.

The biggest question I have is this..... What has changed about my knitting method that is now causing this when I did not see it in my earlier knitting?
Or was I blind and ignorant, and did not notice it back then?

I suspect that wash/block can help some of this 'shake out', and in fact the sweater is going to be machine washable, which might do it sooner.... But it is annoying me, as is working with DK weight. I just like worsted and larger. Goes faster. So for now, I put down the sweater, and moved to making myself a felted-daypack. Already have the charcoal grey bottom made, now a few rows into the bright mulberry/purple body. All in a few hours. This is so much more up my alley.

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