Monday, May 30, 2005

Cotton Yarn Musings

Here is what I am thinking....
one more wetting/blocking, and if I cannot get Soleil to fit better, I'll seriously consider frogging the entire thing, either remake it on one size smaller needles, or go down one pattern size, but add short-rowing to the bust (as I originally considered.)

What concerns me, is that I have a WIP (OK, so it is from last year) from the same cotton yarn, on the same Clover needles. Veronik Avery's Polka-Dot wrap tank from last year's IK.
Significantly more complex than Soleil...will I spend much time and mental energy getting it done, only to have the same loose fit issues at the first good wash? (OK, the wrap-tie factor will allow some adjustments in width)

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General Ginger said...

Good luck with the blocking.