Friday, March 18, 2005

Tam O'Shanter

Nothing like the LionBrand pattern picture, is it???
I need to keep fooling around with how to 'arrange' the hat.
Sometimes it looks like a chef's toque, sometimes (as in this picture) it looks like Princess Leia's buns are crawling up my head.
At least it is just a 'once-a-year' hat.

3/19/05 Looking at it again, iI see one change I will make for sure.
Pattern called for the 'rose to be made with double strand of yarn.
It just looks too big/bulky to me, so that will come off and be re-made with one strand only. More delicate. Perhaps if I had a bigger face it would not be necessary, but that 'flower' is just too overpowering for me.

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