Sunday, March 20, 2005

A small diversion from knitting.
Got an invite from DMC threads to join their Cross-Stitch mentoring program.
I'll start with using their beginner kits to teach my twins this summer (they are more than ready, doing plastic canvas needle-point, and sewing-maching quilting in their Brownie troop).
Then I'll offer to Mentor the Junior troop (where they are 'flying-up' to) for next year. Just waiting to see if DMC approves the amount of kits I will need for that. What will be nice is if Julia and Ariella get the hang of it ver the summer, they will have their completed stitchery to show the troop, and they can help mentor their friends, a DEFINITE boost to their egos, and I believe that this will help them grow up a bit.

Almost back to knitting.
Ariella is here with her hot-pink yarn and plastic crochet hook, asking me to help her learn. Again. She was quite impatient with herself over the summer, slamming herself over every little setback.
I'm glad she is willing to give it another try.

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