Monday, March 28, 2005


Went to visit with the hubby's family this past weekend.
So nice to see them all...or at least the all that were there!

SIL Mary is a newer knitter, but a long time rubber-stamper.
Going through her books and looking at all her supplies, I did have an epiphany..I can do more than just trim the sides of a picture down to frame it, I can totally crop an object into silhouette, perfect for all the years of taking pictures of my FOs by laying them at my feet on a carpet.
So no I have visions swirling through my head of whole theme pages with sweaters floating across the page.

Quick, I need a hospital picture of my friend's baby (she is 2 1/3 now!) so I can place the four knitted/cross-stitched items on the same page!

OK, weirdness over.

While there, I finally got out of my rut...had to borrow a pair of long straight 8s to knit the edge on the hood, and that may have been a very, very big mistake.
It was just 12 rows, plus the pickup and bindoff rows.
14 rows with straight needles.
For even after that was done, and I was back to DPNs for working a sleeve from the shoulder down, I am feeling the twinges of Carpal Tunnel/tendonitis.
A hit of Motrin kept me going long enough to get 3/4 of the sleeve done yesterday, but now after waking up I feel it coming back.
Oh this sucks!
And now I am reminded of just why I prefer doing all my work on circular needles. So much lighter, shorter, and kinder to my wrists.

I wonder how long this will last...and just where did I put my wrist splints????

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