Saturday, March 12, 2005

Bernat Fur Out info

More on the recall of FUR OUT by Bernat Yarns...can you tell this bothers me that it happened in the first place...what bothers me more is that my local A.C. Moore seems to have taken them all off the shelves, but no signage about a recall at all.

The Recall is by order of both the Canada and the USA Consumer product Safety Commissions due to extreme flammability issues

They take your info, give you an ID number and ask you to package the yarn or the finished object, and mail it to:

Sonwil Distribution Center
901 Fuhrmann Blvd
Buffalo, NY 14203

with a note detailing what you paid for the yarn (including tax if any)

They will reimburse for the full cost paid, PLUS whatever the postage on the package is.

The woman I spoke with seemed a bit overwhelmed, must have had many upset callers that had spent much time and love making items that now need to be returned. She mentioned that this is the very first time this company has had a recall, so the whole thing is new to them.

I got VERY lucky with the timing of this, I have been sticking to my New Year resolution of not beginning a project before finishing the last, so I had not yet begun to put the cuffs and collar on my 9 y/o twins' jackets.


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illanna said...

That's so weird! What is "extreme flammability" anyway? Is it like spontaneous combustion? If so, it seems like sort of a pyromaniac's dream yarn! I never heard of yarn being recalled before. So weird...