Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Ah, had a few moments to step into the "new" store in town.
OK, not so new, I am told it opened in November.
Stock is all for Knitting and beading.
Interesting combo.
I suggested they find knitting related scrapbooking/stamping items too.
I would certainly pay attention to that.

First store I have seen carry Brittany needles, score 1 for me!

You won't find anything here that you would find at A.C. Moore or Michaels, for sure. In fact, the owner will not stock anything from a company that has a contract with those chains. She has Dalegarn, Cascade, and some other boutique yarns.
Until Saturday the 19th, she has a Dale trunk sale, 20% off.

I'm looking at that Svale (silk/wool mix)for a top for myself..but even at sale price, we are talking $72.
Unfortunately, I am just looking.

Poverty sucks in the knitting world.

Time to get my own sheep....but then I need a lawn, bedding, shelter, dips/wormers, shears, spinning wheel, dyes and vats...OMG, this won't do either!

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